PurevB Theme Flame Engine

PurevB themes are powered by a theme engine that allows for you ( the customer ) to easily customize your purchased theme without all the headaches that come with editing pre-made themes.

Easily Customize Your vBulletin Theme

Never before has it been easier to customize your purchased with the power of our unique vBulletin theme manager. This allows for you to adjust many theme features with a simple click of a button.

Enable / Disable Social Media Icons

Don’t want social media icons on your theme? It’s simple, just disable them through the purevb theme engine. Maybe you want them to advertise your social media links to everyone on your forum, all themes come with social media icons enabled.

Customize Style Variables

Even though vBulletin 4 has it’s own style variables, PurevB wanted to add to them by creating our own style variables specifically for each theme.

Replace Theme Logo With Your Own

Turning a some times difficult task into something very easy to accomplish has always been a goal of ours. To make your life easier, we have designed an easy way for all customers to simply replace the existing theme logo with your own.

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PureVB has been offering some of the most unique vBulletin 4 skins since our official launch. Our goal is to release new vBulletin styles each and every month and to offer custom vBulletin 4.2 styles that meet your needs.