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PurevB offers a wide selection of vBulletin 4 skins that will help make your forum standout and give your members an enjoyable environment to participate everyday in.

ZoneOne vBulletin Skin ZoneOne vBulletin Skin
Socialize vBulletin Skin Socialize vBulletin Skin
iPadCom vBulletin Skin iPadCom vBulletin Skin

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PurevB Theme Flame Engine

PurevB  themes are powered by a theme engine that allows for you ( the customer ) to easily customize your purchased theme without all the headaches that come with editing pre-made themes.

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PureVB has been offering some of the most unique vBulletin 4 skins since our official launch. Our goal is to release new vBulletin styles each and every month and to offer custom vBulletin 4.2 styles that meet your needs.